The Finches of Africa
Filmed by Eelco Meyjes



Australian Birdkeeper

" This presentation by Eelco Meyjes is right up there with the must haves for the serious finch enthusiast "


Russell Kingston ( internationally acclaimed author of various best selling books on finches )

"Each ( finch ) family is beautifully filmed...and most species are presented in pairs illustrating differences in the gender. The parasitic Whydahs ( Vidua family ), are shown with their natural host species. The Widow Birds, are described including their eclipse plumage.

All this, together with information on housing, diet and nesting, complete a nicely rounded package that will appeal to a wide range of finch enthusiats, from beginners
to experienced breeders..this is a product that I fully recommend "


Vera Dennison, Avizandum Magazine, South Africa.

...The images are absolutely beautiful and show off the birds at their best. The icons and the habitat maps are really an excellent idea as they provide much information in a compact format. The commentary is also done well-both the text and the commentator's voice are good. It was an enjoyable 58 minutes.


Paul Dick, Editor : Just Finches magazine New Zealand

..every finch breeder,whether you have been keeping finches for years,or just a beginner,should watch is an excellent piece of work that will have you looking at it time and time again.


The Avicultural Magazine, UK

This DVD has accurate information for aviculturists combined with superb filming of the the birds in a captive environment.


Part 2 DVD Product information

This DVD was complied with the help of 22 of South Africa's leading African finch breeders and keepers, all of whom participated in a major countrywide research study to ensure that the most up-to-date knowledge and experience could be shared with you in this pioneering DVD.

The results of this qualitative study can be seen in the unique Bird keeper's Guide that appears below each species in the DVD. Five icons are used: an EYE, a BIRD, a NESTBOX, an ANT and a WEATHER to provide key information on subject matter to help you achieve greater breeding and keeping success for all types of finches.

Each icon has a score of 1 to 4 below it to rate the species in terms of how easy or difficult it is to obtain, keep, breed, feed and manage the climatic needs of particular types of finches when kept in a standard well planted 2 x 4 x 3 metre garden aviary that is reasonably well protected.

The DVD provides a range of useful information, including:

  • Number of finch species found in Africa
  • The categories to which different finch species belong
  • Which finch species require permits
  • Tips on how to successfully breed African finches
  • The unique Birdkeepers Guide and how it works
  • Filmed species include
    • Cordonbleus
    • Pytilias
    • Crimson Wings
    • Twinspots
    • Quail finches
    • Mannikins
    • SA finches listed in the Red Data Book
    • Africa's Rarest finch
    • Other interesting Waxbills
    • Whydahs and their hosts
    • African Fire finches and their Indigo birds
    • West African finches
    • Finches North of the Sahara
    • The odd-one-out finch
    • Sparrows, Weavers and Bishops
    • Widowbirds
    • Queleas
    • Serins and many more.

In total, Finches of Africa includes 70 finch species, including some very rare breeds that have never been filmed before.

Scripted and researched by Fred Barnicoat and Eelco Meyjes this DVD is filmed on broadcast quality material. For your convenience the DVD has a route menu to every species.

If you wish to purchase your very own copy of this pioneering DVD then visit our order page.

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