A 6 Part overview of SA Birdkeeping
Filmed by Eelco Meyjes


Nigel Steele-Boyce, The Australian Birdkeeper Magazine.
"This video has it all"


Claudia Fagan, Secretary, SANCBA
"This is an extraordinary video"


Cornia Hugo, Gauteng Nature Conservation.
"I really enjoyed the video. I think the information is very good"


Mike Harman, Curator of Birds, Johannesburg Zoo.
"Congratulations for tackling such a pioneering endeavour... I enjoyed it and certainly picked up some useful tips"


Claudia Schra, Curator of Birds, Pretoria Zoo
"The video is really very informative and helpful..."


Part 1 DVD Product information

Birdkeeping the South African Way
is South Africa's first DVD on birdkeeping. The DVD is a one-hour information packed DVD and it is an assemblage of 4 years of video work filmed in a reality DVD format. Each bird in the DVD is clearly identified and its region or country of origin is subtitled below. Valuable tips on recommended books, housing and nutrition etc. are all included in the 6 sections of the DVD.

  • Part 1 - A visit to an award winning parrot breeder
  • Part 2 - A visit to an award winning finch breeder
  • Part 3 - A visit to an award winning softbill breeder
  • Part 4 - Dr Tommy Blunden, a prominent South African avian veterinarian talks on surgical vs. DNA sexing of birds
  • Part 5 - Neville Brickell from the Indigenous Bird Breeders Research Group in Kwazulu Natal talks on avian research and photography and its contribution to nature conservation.
  • Part 6 - Japie Mostert from the Krugersdorp Game Reserve, just outside Johannesburg, takes you through Africa’s largest walk-in aviary with its more than 1000 birds and 110 species of South African birds.

The DVD also includes a valuable information leaflet with advice on clubs, suitable plants for planted aviaries, as well as access to the local South African Avian Veterinarian Association should you require veterinary assistance.

If you wish to purchase your very own copy of this pioneering DVD then visit our order page.

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